What is wordlist | Why Hackers love it

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What is wordlist

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What is wordlist | Why hackers Love it

The wordlist is merely a rundown of some client passwords which contains just words. What’s more, it’s utilized by programmers for performing hacking. Here are some model passwords which is understood as wordlist passwords. Skateboard, iloveme, iamnoob, jessy, mortalfist, almost like this you’ll see quite 1 million passwords during a solitary wordlist or not the maximum amount as that, so’s everything about wordlist.

Beast power list

The beast power list is additionally like wordlist. In any case, in animal power list, we will see a rundown of words joined with images and numbers. Here are some model passwords which is understood as animal power list passwords. Hunter22$, sam44*, loveus))00, almost like this you’ll see quite 1 million passwords during a solitary beast power list or not the maximum amount as that, with the goal that’s everything about wordlist.

Distinction among wordlist and animal power list

There is no such large distinction between them. In wordlist we simply use words and that we don’t utilize images or numbers. In any case, within the animal power list, we use words, numbers, images there’s nothing more thereto .

Programmer’s preferred word and savage power rundown’s

The programmer’s adoration wordlist and savage power rundown’s since they create programmers work simple, quick and furthermore they spare plenty of your time . Programmers simply make them once they have time and then when programmers got to play out an assault on a selected thing then they utilize the wordlist or beast power rundown’s to spare their time and play out an assault effectively. What’s more, within the event that they do not utilize wordlist or beast power rundown’s for a savage power assaults then they have bunches of your time to play out a fruitful assault. With the goal that is the reason programmers love wordlist and animal power records.

How to create wordlist or brute force list in termux
First, install Termux application and open Termux application after that follow below commands.

$ pkg install nano -y

$ ls

$ nano

Now click on enter button and after that, you can see that there is a black blank page in Termux that is nano editor now in that just click on that black page. Now start typing passwords there it may be words, symbols, numbers anything you can create wordlist or brute force list it’s your wish. Now after typing all passwords just hold volume down button of your device and X button in keyboard after that click on enter button now a small pop up will appear like this SAVE MODIFIED BUFFER? now here click on Y button in your keyboard after that another pop up will appear like this FILE NAME TO WRITE :- now here you need to name something to your wordlist like pass.txt after that click on enter button to save it. And now to see created wordlist you just need to follow below steps.

$ clear

$ ls

$ cat pass.txt

Here you can see your passwords in the wordlist. And now you can use it in any brute force script.

Wordlist txt download

If you are still confused with the theoretical part then you must watch our video tutorial…

click here to watch the video

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