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What is steganography | Hide any file, photo, or video

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Hello there, if you’re looking for an explanation of what is steganography, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to answer the question “what is steganography?”. You may solve and use Metasploit without any problems or mistakes if you follow the instructions in this tutorial. And I’m very confident you won’t find all of this unique information anyplace else on the internet as we do.

What is steganography, and how does it work? 

Steganography is the use of a variety of techniques to conceal information from prying eyes.

The earliest known incidence of steganography originates from 500 BC, when Histiaeus, the monarch of Miletus, tattooed a message on the shaved head of one of his slaves and then allowed the hair to regrow. He then handed the slave over to his son-in-law, Aristagoras, who shaved the slave’s head once more and disclosed the message. 

More advanced kinds of steganography, such as invisible inks, were developed in the centuries that followed. Steganography has now made its way into the digital realm. 

What is the purpose of steganography? 

Hackers are now employing this technology to hide sensitive data inside images, such as user passwords and database information, from one hacker to the next in order to disguise their unlawful data from the FBI. So that’s really simple, and we can do it from our Android using the Termux app, so let’s get started.

Make sure you installed the Termux app from the play store

  1. Now here first select the files that you want to hide. You need to take any two categories like image and mp3 or  mp4 or pdf it’s your wish.
  2. Create a new folder in your internal storage name that folder from any name as you wish after that just cut and paste the 2 files which you just selected to do Steganography.
  3. After pasting both files. now compress any one document into zip any one of them. ex:- jpg and mp4 I’m chosen, nowhere I’m gonna compress mp4 as ZIP
  4. Now open Termux and follow below commands
$ pkg install cat
$ ls
$ termux-setup-storage
$ ls
$ cd /sdcard/steganography

( now sdcard select that folder in which you just kept mp4 and jpg documents as i said in the first )

$ ls
$ cat (your image name with formate) (your video name with formate) >simple.jpg

ex :- $ cat hacker.jpg simple.zip >noobs.jpg

$ ls

Now open RAR application and open that folder where you kept steganography documents. Open that folder and nowhere you can see the new jpg which is just steganography from Termux. Open that folder and you can see the new jpg which is just steganography from Termux. After opening that folder and nowhere you can see the new jpg which is just steganography from Termux. Open that folder and you can see the new jpg which is just steganography from Termux Now, the image appears to be completely normal and original, but there is something hidden within it that no one else is aware of. Now it’s time to examine what’s inside the image. Click on the third image and pick EXTRACT. After the extraction, you’ll be able to see the secret video that you have just hidden in the image in a hacker’s way…wow, that’s it for today.

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So, from the beginning to the completion of the video, please follow the instructions that I demonstrated. Finally, if you have any issues, please leave a remark or contact us using our contact page.

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