Metasploit Framework

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If you wish to install the Metasploit-framework all by itself. You can use a shell script to install it.
Remember don’t turn off your internet connection.

Follows these steps : #

  1. Uninstall Termux app if you have previously installed
  2. Newly install Termux app
  3. Open Termux app
  4. Run these commands
apt update
apt upgrade
apt install wget

5. clone Metasploit with this command


This script will install the latest version of Metasploit-framework. Script also include some extras to make updating metasploit faster. If all goes well, i.e. No red coloured warnings, you can start Metasploit using ./msfconsole.
Now take a coffee and sit down and wait 15-20 minutes to install Metasploit in termux.
After installation type this command :

cd metasploit-framework

Now run msfconsole


Enjoy Metasploit….

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