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DarkFly-Tool is an installation tool for installing tools. This tool makes it easy for you. so you don’t need to type git clone
or look for the Github repository. You only have to choose the number of which tools you want to install. There are 530 tools ready for install and for those of you who like to have fun. There are 7 SMS spam tools that are ready to use, you just need to choose spam to use the target number.
There is a tocopedia DLL, and yesterday the DarkFly tool only supports termux. Now it supports Linux OS and can be installed on ubuntu and termux, even though I only combine them.
At least I can satisfy and make it easier for all of you 🙂 Good

Installation : #

apt update && apt upgrade
apt install git
git clone https://github.com/Ranginang67/DarkFly-Tool
cd DarkFly-Tool
chmod +x *
sh install

Run : #


Now select your option, it will install your selected tool.

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