CMSeek Suit

CMS Detection and exploitation suite is a tool for scanning WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more than 100 other CMS.

Functions of CMSeek: #

  • Basic CMS Detection of over 80 CMS
  • Drupal version detection
  • Advance wordpress scans
  • Detects version
  • User enumeration
  • Plugins enumeration
  • Theme enumeration
  • Detects User (3 Detection method)
  • Loop for version vulnerabilities and much more!
  • Advanced Joomla Scans
  • Version detection
  • Backup file finder
  • Core vulnerability detection
  • Directory listing check
  • Config leak detection …and many more

Installation: #

apt update && apt upgrade
apt install git
apt install git
apt install python2
apt install python
git clone
cd CMSeeK
chmod +x *

Run : #


Here select your option and Use the required option.

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